Career Reloaded is a direct-contact workshop that is way ahead of typical motivational talks and so-called career guidance seminars. It goes beyond ‘positive thinking’ and ‘anything-is-possible’ kind of books & speakers. It is practical and person-specific. It aims at helping you make your career more rewarding, satisfying and meaningful through a

scientific and objective approach.

The workshop is a Group Action and 60-min of Structured Individual-level Discussion. It will engage you in ‘reverse’ of what most MNCs do, as part of their recruitment & selection process; while selecting candidates for critical positions. You will be facilitated to identify a ‘Critical Role & 

Industry’  that is right for you; so that you explore right possibilities in your current or newly identified role, with a more realistic approach.


This one-of-its-kind workshop is designed, developed and delivered
by Dr. Nandkishore Rathi and his team. The content and methodology focus purely on identifying your unique identity, and related career possibilities. It will help you get answers to questions such as
‘Who You Basically Are’ and ‘What is the Right Direction for Your Career’. It will help you explore a career from ‘Where-it-is’ to ‘Where-it-Should-be’. Finally, it will pave the way for the right direction and action for you

to make right career decisions.


The workshop is the result of 400 research papers & books, insightful interactions with 10,000 odd professionals across the industry and 30+ years of Dr. Rathi’s experience, including guidance to thousands of students and industry executives from variety of sectors.

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