In one line, the benefits of Career Reloaded can be summarized as ‘you will thoroughly understand yourself’ and will not have any ‘ifs and buts’ on taking your career to the next level.


This is not a degree or a certificate nor a training program. It is a journey from self-awareness to self-actualization to build a career that is beyond material gains; because even people with powerful positions and fat salaries, search for ‘purpose’ in their career & life. It will help you like a holy book throughout your professional life. The benefits are grouped in six major categories, though, little overlapping.

Your Job

  • Clarity on what is the right job/role/industry for you

  • How to grow in the current job or newly identified role

  • How to answer difficult interview questions convincingly

  • How to target opportunities with higher responsibility

  • Clarity on areas of  immediate improvement

  • Core and  functional  competencies to focus on

  • Areas of improvement to be a leader / expert

  • Learning & development interventions

Your Self-Development

  • ‘Who you are’ and ‘where you should be’

  • What was going right/wrong so far in your career

  • How do you consolidate your career here on

  • Where do you need to change or adapt

Your Self-Introspection

Your Higher Education

  • Clarity on whether to go for higher education

  • If yes, then what is the right specialization to pursue

  • What are the exact short-term courses to focus on

Your Big Possibilities

  • Clarity on excelling for big opportunities

  • Clarity on immediate and long term goals

  • Insights on purpose of life beyond job/career

  • Entrepreneurial fitment and possibilities

Your Thought Process

  • Job change strategy

  • Job search strategy

  • Career transition strategy

  • Industry shift strategy

  • Adaptation & change interventions


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